Engineering Services

ITS Services can perform analysis on virtually all types of equipment to help predict when a problem may occur.  Diagnostic data that allows the operator to be in control of the equipment to determine when and where a problem is developing to prevent unscheduled downtime.  We will report and document the condition of your equipment in a simple easy to understand format that alerts plant personnel to necessary corrective actions. We can also provide a "Quality Assurance" check on new or rebuilt equipment to confirm the quality of work and establish a baseline and diagnose the problem before it fails.    


Let ITS Services monitor and perform a comprehensive analysis of critical equipment to include:


Motor and Generator Analysis

Electric Motor and Generator Analysis  


Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Analysis using the latest Monitoring Products and Reporting


Ultrasonic Leak Testing

Leak Detection for detection of leaking gasses and steam trap failures.


Precision Balancing

Precision Balancing of rotating equipment


Laser Alignment

Precision Laser alignment of machinery shafts to center of power transmission


Lubrication Analysis

FTIR, Particle Counts, Contamination, Karl Fischer and other LabTests


Thermography Scans

Infrared thermography scan to detect electrical anomalies as well as mechanically generated heat issues.


Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Services

PM scheduled visits to collect and record critical equipment data and assist maintenance personnel with important information regarding the health of your machinery.